Parallax's feature on Nelly Ben Hayoun - Dreamers of the Day

June 2017, Philadelphia PA

Parallax Collab featured Nelly Ben Hayoun in the piece 'Dreamers of the Day'. The article elaborates on Nelly's passion for to accessing the impossible, the role of design in society as well as Nelly's multiple projects including University of the Underground and 

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For Nelly Ben Hayoun, the role of design is to create debate, to explore ideas, and to experiment. “To get the public engaged in something is difficult today," she explains, "How can we utilize extreme situations and experiences as a way to initiate progressive social and cultural change?” Hayoun believes that you have to create intense events and experiences that make the public think. Putting her design expertise to practice for institutions that are not the typical clientele of marketing companies, her events modify the way these institutions think about themselves and communicate with the public. Together with her team, she designs experiences as critical platforms that connect participants to today’s issues across science, politics, socio-cultural issues, and critical discourse, providing a foundation to discuss those experiences.

To achieve this requires intense, immersive, radically unexpected, and imaginative experiences that instill critical awareness and a strong emotional connection. It is what Marshall McLuhan described as an active participation that leads to understanding, rather than passive spectatorship. A method which creates intense chaos to engage the audience with ideas and speaks to their gut. It is a viscerally overwhelming experience that takes time to digest and enables the audience to remember that experience by association with strong sensory and emotional effects.

The design of such experiences borrows as much from theatrical practices as it does from iterative creative processes. Hayoun pulls from theatrical practices such as dramaturge Antonin Artaud's Theater of Cruelty. Her experiences are curated, not scripted. They are about improvisation and unpredictable happenings. She levers this unpredictability to encourage active participation by the public. Calling this herTotal Bombardment Approach, she designs experiences that violently shake up their audience, awakening them, connecting both their mind and their gut to new ways in which to see the world.

To read the whole article, follow the link Words by Parallax

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