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The Magician, Algeria from the series ‘RED GOLD’. Nelly Ben Hayoun-Stépanian (2020) . available as a limited edition x200 signed prints - Toner pigment powder, thinner, solvent-based silkscreen ink on laser color print. Size: 16 x 20 in. (40.6 x 50.8 cm)

In the series titled ‘RED GOLD’, Ben Hayoun-Stépanian uses painting to share the myths and legends of the

characters for her forthcoming feature length film, Doppelgängers3  which will be released in 2024. ‘Doppelgängers3 ’ is a diasporic investigation of human settlement on the moon. In this print, she explores the true story of Napoleon III who faced a native wizard infestation in the yoke of colonial oppression in Algeria in 1865, and as a result he called in upon the services of Europe’s greatest magician, Jean Eugène Robert-Houdin- known as Houdini, to deal with the problem. In the byzantine tradition of painting icons and encapsulating mystical energies into the image, Ben Hayoun- Stépanian uses paintings and drawings as connectors to new worlds she goes on bringing to realities in her productions. Fascinated by the craft of the illusion and flmmaking, painting is the starting point of her thought processes and experiments. For her to start engineering and planning situations such as NASA or the United Nations, Ben Hayoun-Stépanian draws ‘roadmaps’ by means of paintings. More recently, and while connecting to her routes and origins in Armenia and Algeria, she developed the series presented in this portfolio as a way to ‘think in action’, in the words of political theorist Hannah Arendt. In framing the series in relation to her other creative practices, Ben Hayoun-Stépanian says: “An immersive experience is successful when you remember it, to me, it remains in the mind as a sequence of paintings. For me, painting is the beginning and middle of everything: tones and textures allow me to think in action, plan scripts while I am able to build in surreal worlds that will later inspire flm or design productions- ones which portrays magic, nightlife, displaced identities and doppelgangers”.

With a training in textile design, she developed an interest for pigments and unique color palettes while in Japan, adapting her original compositions and patterns to the restrictive format of the 40cm by 10 meter long textile roll that is a kimono, prior to its sewing. Ben Hayoun-Stépanian counts among her mentors Japanese national treasure Takayuki Takahashi and Academy award winning director and 2001, Space Odyssey VFX director Douglas Trumbull.

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