july 2010


We recently wrote about how Hertzian air space, the air space that used to broadcast television signals, will be privatized — to dismay of many pirate TV broadcaster’s with often anti-mainstream media ethos. In another project that looks to engage with the politics of space and ephemera, Nelly Ben Hayoun and Dr. Allison J. Williams have created Airspace Activism, which involves a series of investigations of the UK military’s use of air space.

While the first piece of the investigation resulted in the Theater of Air film in which pilots explain their conception of 3D space out of 2D renderings, the collaborators have moved on to address the activism and sousveillance aspect with a wind farm and “acoustic locators”:

In order to make these invisible airspaces visible, Nelly and Dr. Williams worked on another project which will be the focus of this post. It’s a 4 meters high windfarm that civilians could use to create radar white noise and prevent aircraft flying overhead, therefore reclaiming their piece of sky. An “audio-locator” –which a size is far more manageable that the acoustic locators used during the war before the invention of radar– warns the user of any incoming aircraft and so that he or she has time to set the wind farm in motion.

Airspace Activism will be on display until July 7th in New Castle, UK.

Airspace Activism

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