Research Residency in Trondheim!

9th September - 9th October 2019, Trondheim, Norway

We are thrilled to announce, Nelly will be the artist in residence at ARTEC in Trondheim, Norway!

NTNU ARTEC, the Art and Technology Task Force, is a transdisciplinary entity that supports research and artistic excellence through collaborations in the fields of art(s), humanities, and technology within the frame of the university and in collaboration with internal and external partners/stakeholders. NTNU ARTEC’s aim is to foster transdisciplinary dialogue and innovative research, including artistic research, to support and produce creative practices, and, engage in a critical reflection about the social and ethical dimensions of our technological global moment.

The ARTEC Artist-in-Residence Program is intended for media artists and media technologists, who are interested in contributing their work to Adressaparken, an interactive installation outdoor park in the heart of Trondheim, the technology capital of Norway The accepted artist(s) in residence will experiment with digital storytelling and new ways of communicating art, technology, and the humanities in a public sphere, using Adressaparken as both a laboratory and an exhibit space. The fellowship supports artists’ own research projects by providing accommodations, access to the workshops and laboratories and NTNU libraries needed for the project work, as well as instruction in the use of the necessary equipment and software, and project supervision for both technical aspects and project content.

To find out more, click the link here!