SETI Institute

09/12 ISO in SETI Institute

The International Space Orchestra in SETI Institute, See more online here

World premiere of Ground Control: An Opera in Space inspired by our desire to understand the universe and rocket-propel our souls to further galaxies. 

SETI Institute members are performing in the International Space Orchestra's performance of "Control Room: An Opera in Space" on September 13th at 7 pm at the ZERO1 Biennial Urban Screen, 300 S. 1st Street, San Jose. All are welcome and there is no entrance fee. Join the International Space Orchestra - an assembly of star-spangled space scientists from NASA Ames, Singularity University, International Space University and the SETI Institute - as they perform a unique drama of non-terrestrial communication and the techno-wonders of mission control rooms. 

The performance features a re-make of Neil Armstrong's landing on the Moon, and songs written for the "Wow! signal" and "Kepler" mission.