Soyuz chair heads to Stockholm

Domestic Futures, 18 September - 15 November, Nationalmuseum Design

Domestic Futures will be on show at Nationalmuseum Design, located inside Kulturhuset Stadsteatern in Stockholm, from 18 September to 15 November 2015.

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In the exhibition Domestic Futures at Nationalmuseum Design designers from all over the world speculate how design and products have the power to influence our everyday life. Will we generate our own power, keep replacement organs at home in the fridge or even own an apartment on another planet?

The exhibition Domestic Futures imagines possible futures of everyday life at home. Through a collection of future household products, the exhibition gives a preview of how our domestic lives and daily routines might look in the next 10, 20 or 50 years. The products and projects are based on major advances in technology, discoveries made through scientific research, or the rise of certain social mindsets. Divided into three different spaces, these objects propose three future scenarios. Are we going to break free from consumerism? Will we embrace new technologies? Or are we adventurously choosing to live on other planets?

The exhibition invites us to think about the kind of future we want – and do not want. By showing these next generation products, the exhibition gives us the possibility to reflect on how they can shape our future before becoming a part of our domestic reality.

Participating designers

Martina Muzi, Jorge Penadés, Lauren Davies, Thomas Thwaites, Chmara.Rosinke, Francesco Faccin, Willem van Doorn, Ma'ayan Pesach, Susana Soares, Agi Haines, Marcia Nolte, Naomi Kizhner, Studio Stefan Schwabe, James King, Livin Studio, Officina Corpuscoli, Ela Celary, Thought Collider, Veronica Ranner, Johanna Schmeer, Mars One, Lucy McRae, Studio Swine, NASA/JPL, Nelly Ben Hayoun, Ai Hasegawa, Aloïs Yang, Grietje Schepers and Neri Oxman & Stratasys.

Curator: Lisanne Fransen

Nationalmuseum is Sweden’s premier museum of art and design. The collections comprise older paintings, sculpture, drawings and graphic art, and applied art and design up to the present day. The museum building is currently under renovation and scheduled  to open again in 2018. In the meantime, the museum will continue its activities through collaborations both in Sweden and abroad as well as temporary exhibitions at the Royal Swedish Academy of Fine Arts, Fredsgatan 12, and Nationalmuseum Design in Kulturhuset in Stockholm. More information is available at