Space Feminism at la Gaité Lyrique

Tue 03.26.2024 at 7:00 pm, La Gaîté Lyrique 75003 PARIS, AUDITORIUM.

Join Nelly in Paris for this Space Feminism Event on Tuesday 26th March at 7pm in La Gaité Lyrique.

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🚀 Reimagine Space by joining us at La Gaîté Lyrique for an evening challenging traditional space narratives through a feminist lens. Annick Bureaud, Nelly Ben Hayoun-Stepanian, and Nahum will unveil ‘Space Feminisms’— discussing space feminism and the launch of a groundbreaking book exploring the intersections of art, culture, and the cosmos. Dive into manifestos, historical archives, and engaging discussions with the authors.

The book 📖
Space Feminisms, is a groundbreaking exploration of the intersections between feminist theory and the human relationship with space. Since the 1950s, it delves into how our imaginations of space have reflected and shaped Earthly hopes, anxieties, and futures. Rather than mere speculation, the book offers radical modes of inquiry, viewing space as a material reality intertwined with human self-perception. Through essays, artworks, and interviews, it examines the transformation of gender, race, class, and ableism as they extend beyond Earth. By challenging traditional power structures, the book fosters interdisciplinary collaboration to envision alternative and radical futures both in and beyond space.

When? Tue 03.26.2024 at 7:00 pm.
Where? La Gaîté Lyrique 75003 PARIS, AUDITORIUM.
🎟️ Free event. Tickets