Nelly Ben Hayoun was in residency with the project Moon Dust Remix at La Gaité Lyrique , Paris in October 2012, as part of the Everyday Technology Programme (TAQ)

Is there sound on the moon?

Designer Nelly Ben Hayoun leaves on a journey to explore the noises on the moon in her speculative Moon Dust Remix project. Apollo 11, has been the topic of many suspicions. Ranging from Bill Kaysing’s pamphlet “We Never Went to the Moon” to the plot seeing Stanley Kubrick and NASA collaborating to manipulate the masses, designing sets and the event itself.

Looking for moon dust and the sound of Neil Armstrong’s ‘small step’, Nelly Ben Hayoun is on a quest to recover that lost data. With the assistance of scientists from NASA Lunar Science Institute , Foley Artist Sue Harding, and Dr Francis Rocard,  CNES France,  she speculates on this sound, that moon walk that changed the way we understood gravity and the use of technology for space travel. Come and take part in that moon chorus!

Key Dates:

11th October 2012: conference at Musee Des Arts et MetiersThe science of Imagination and Imagination in Science with André Gunthert, Historian at EHESS, Paris,

27th October 2012: Workshop with Foley Artist Sue Harding, with support from British Council at La Gaité Lyrique , Paris .

3rd November 2012: Presentation,performance Moon Dust Remix at la Gaité Lyrique, Paris with Foley Artist Sue Harding and Dr. Francis Rocard, CNES France.

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