Special feature ISO and Nelly Ben Hayoun

DISEGNO 10-2012

Special feature on Nelly Ben Hayoun and most recent project the International Space Orchestra.

With pictures by Neil Berrett, words by writer Nemonie Craven Roderick

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Highlights from Disegno No.3

  1. A tribute to Victor Papanek, the poster child of the sustainability movement, by the design writer Vera Sacchetti
  2. A meeting of the minds as Deyan Sudjic interviews nobel laureate Orhan Pamuk about his Museum of Innocence
  3. A journey to NASA to hear Nelly Ben Hayoun's International Space Orchestra by the writer Nemonie Craven Roderick
  4. Four days with Dutch designer Maria Blaisse as she prepares for her swan-song exhibition next year
  5. An essay on the importance of the fold in architecture, fashion and design by the writer Pete Maxwell
  6. A series of fiction and illustrations from the novelist Will Wiles and artist Olof Svenblad touching on the fetishisation of design
  7. A defence of David Chipperfield's Venice Architecture Biennale by the architecture critic Edwin Heathcote
  8. Interviews with designers Olafur Eliasson and Aitor Throup, fashion designers Eley Kishimoto, architect Shigeru Ban, among others