'Studio Time: Future Thinking in Art and Design' now available

17th October 2018, Hasselt, Belgium

Studio Time: Future Thinking in Art and Design is now available! For Z33's latest publication, NBH offered a writing contribution on the University of the Underground!

'Studio Time: Future Thinking in Art and Design' was edited by Jan Boelen, Ils Huygens, Heini Lehtinen.

Throughout the publication, contributors ask 'What roles are there for the arts and design in future fictions, literacy and ethics?' And more than 30 international design and art thinkers share their perspectives and opinions in the newest Z33-publication. With texts and essays by: Nik Baerten, James Bridle, Theo Deutinger, Dunne & Raby, Alison Clarke, Tal Erez, Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg, Arne Hendriks, Marina Otero Verzier, Mariana Pestana, Tobias Revell, Louise Schouwenberg, Bruce Sterling, Nicola Triscott, Angelo Vermeulen, Liam Young.

You can buy the book here!

More on Studio Time: Future Thinking in Art and Design"The ability to use imagination to envision future needs is crucial in art, design and architecture. Future thinking and making require the capacity to create narratives for near and far futures and to compose proposals to meet the imagined needs of the future. Future-oriented creative practices also require future literacy—understanding the temporal continuum in which future-oriented work is created and being aware of the underlying incentives, motivations and structures of works, commissioned or self-initiated. Similarly, viewing or consuming speculative creative works requires some level of understanding of the context of the works.

Studio Time: Future Thinking in Art and Design approaches these questions with essays from international design and art thinkers, a number of shorter essays and a selection of art, design and architecture projects. The book consists of three parts that each focus on future fictions in art and design from different perspectives: future fictions and imagination in creative practices, future literacy and future ethics. Each part consists of two essays, two reflective contributions from artists and designers and selected projects from practitioners around the world.

The book is a closing chapter of Studio Future, which is one of the research studios developed by Belgium-based Z33 House for Contemporary Art. Since 2012, Studio Future has focused on a variety of aspects of future-oriented art and design practices through different research and exhibition projects, accompanied by online and offline publications."

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Z33 creates projects, exhibitions, productions and publications by and with artists. Contemporary art, architecture, design and film are used to bring to the fore and critically examine a variety of social themes. The projects are always the result of a long-term and deepening research and lead to an extensive program of artistic activities. Z33 aims to question the norm, encourage curiosity, and provide a new frame of reference but also seeks to provide knowledge, skills and tools to its public so as to set things in motion. Z33 has a particular focus on talent development as well as on projects that stimulate new connections between artists, designers, researchers, scientists and (urban) residents. Z33 regularly acts as curator and partner for organisations and research and educational institutions within and outside the arts field.