Its Nice That- Red Bull-20/11/12

Nov, 20tth, 2012, at 9 a.m,  Nelly Ben Hayoun present “ Action- Make IT HAPPEN" in Red Bull Studio London,

A talk curated and organized by Its Nice That.

Nelly Ben Hayoun has recently been commissioned to create an artwork piece by the 2012 ZERO1 Biennale Art & Technology Network in San Jose, Calif., and the Montalvo Arts Center, in Palo Alto, California, under the support of Z33, House of Contemporary Art in Hasselt, Belgium.

Directed and created by Nelly Ben Hayoun, the International Space Orchestra Project has performing members drawn from NASA Ames Research Center, the Search for Extra-terrestrial Intelligence Institute (SETI), Singularity University and the International Space University. This project featured music written by Blur and Gorillaz frontman Damon Albarn with singer Bobby Womack; instruments by Maywa Denki, Japan ; music from Arthur Jeffes of Penguin Café, England; lyrics by Bruce Sterling, one of the founders of the cyberpunk movement in science fiction, Yugoslavian filmmaker and writer Jasmina Tesanovic; plus musical director and two-time Grammy-Award winner Evan Price, an accomplished violinist and one of the most respected violinist of his generation.

In this presentation, Nelly Ben Hayoun will discuss how this piece of work and her previous works, came to life. She will share the doubt and difficulties of such production, but also the optimism that lead her to believe she can make it happen. Her projects are geared to share with the general public a strong connection between the musical and innovative world (creative) matched with the world of science and engineering. Nelly Ben Hayoun’s projects around the world are designed to engage a broader non-technical and non-traditional public audience.

Nelly Ben Hayoun’s International Space Orchestra project, the newest one in her series, is aimed  to reach the final frontier! Featuring the Head of NASA Ames research Center playing the Gong and Astronaut Yvonne Cagle playing the percussion, it merges science, technology, design and opera. In this tangential reality, your Flight Controller conducts arias and the Payload Officer works a baritone sax, while the Capsule Communicator plays the triangle. The International Space Orchestra, is an experiential and hybrid research laboratory, where space scientists have been invited to implement, deconstruct, perform, sing, mix, modify, and design musical acts in control rooms. It is a provocation to action: a call to imagine and disrupt future human relations to science; to adapt science to our creative needs.