Nelly at the All Borders are Temporary Festival in Norway

8th April 2018, Oslo, Norway

Nelly will be giving a talk as part of the All Borders are Temporary program in Olso following a screening of The International Space Orchestra feature film, which she also directed.  This will also be screened in Trondheim, Oslo and Tromsø between 3-17 April as part of the program curated by Brynjar Berkem and produced by Transnational Arts Production (TrAP) .

All Borders are Temporary program is based in our seasonal theme, how all borders are temporary. The films are about having a dream and the challenges that need to be solved trying to achieve it. The dream of a better and alternate future is something we all have in common, and cannot be controlled or owned by the few.

You can find the details of each International Space Orchestra below:

April 3rd 18.00 Cinematheque Trondheim, part of Meta.Morf 2018
April 8th 18.00 Cinematheque Oslo  accompanied by the talk between Nelly Ben Hayoun and Khalil Joreige and  hosted by Hanan Benhamar
April 17th 18.00 Verdensteatret Tromsø

In The International Space Orchestra artist and filmmaker Dr. Nelly Ben Hayoun invades the NASA Ames Research Center in California, to put together an orchestra of employees to perform her own “space opera”. The music piece “Ground Control: An opera in space” is written to accompany Apollo 11's travel to the moon. 

Transnational Arts Production (TrAP) is an independent arts production company. Our aim is to increase diversity within Norwegian arts and culture. TrAP works with artists and projects that cross borders and brings international contemporary art to the Norwegian art scene. We work with arts in various disciplines, including visual and performing arts, film and literature.

You can find more about the events and how to get tickets here