The International Space Orchestra is IN Orbit

Wired, November 2013

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From: Nelly Ben Hayoun

19th November 2013
Two Ardusat (Arduino based Nanosatellites run by Nanosatisfi) Carrying ISO’s Ground-Control: An Opera in Space Recordings Launched Into Space on 4th August 2013
On 19th November 2013, these Ardusats got released from the International Space Station by the six-member Expedition 38 crew. The orbiting residents worked with mission controllers around the world on deploying the Ardusats from Kibo’s airlock Tuesday 19th at 7:10 a.m. EST. The Japanese robotic arm grappled and unberthed a deployer mechanism containing the Ardusats from Kibo’s airlock. Flight Engineer Koichi Wakata monitored the satellite deployment while operating the Japanese robotic arm from inside Kibo.
 (You can see explanations on the deployment here: ).
The broadcast of Ground-Control: An Opera in Space (27min) is being broadcast by radio waves and Morse code from the Ardusats. And you can listen in with your own amateur HAM equipment—learn more here: One Ardusat is broadcasting the voice, the other one the musical part, resembling a real ‘space’ orchestra.
GROUND-CONTROL: AN OPERA IN SPACE first performed by the International Space Orchestra (ISO) in September 2011 in front of the World Largest Windtunnel in NASA Ames Research Center, was Recorded at Skywalker Ranch, George Lucas’ Studio. The two Ardusats carrying ISO’s recordings were launched aboard the H-II transfer vehicle, HTV-4, also known as Kounotori-4.
The Ardusats operate along the same orbit as the International Space Station, so you can follow the path of the International Space Orchestra by tracking the ISS orbit:
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Audio Broadcast Method—Morse Code and Radio Waves:
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