Tour de Moon Ltd. is looking for a Production coordinator!

3rd December 2021, London, UK

Tour de Moon Ltd. is seeking an experienced production coordinator to join the Tour de Moon Team.

Tour de Moon Ltd. is seeking an experienced Production Coordinator. The ideal candidate will have experience working on festival touring at a nationwide and beyond scale. Experience with nightlife and youths (18-25) and STEAM (Science Technology, Arts and Mathematics) is a bonus.

You will work with us over the coming year to manage and deliver the production strategy supporting the programming strands for a nationwide festival project being commissioned by Unboxed2022.  

Tour de Moon Ltd. are developing a cosmic adventure exploring immersive experiences, new technologies, science innovation, social media, youth culture and the power of radical imagination to change perspectives, dismantle boundaries and ignite the creative energy of towns across the UK.

The project is a large-scale hybrid public installation composed of immersive and live events that will visit a few cities for Unboxed2022 that is inclusive, pluralistic, playful, celebratory, and spectacular. The format follows an ecosystem of live events, digital experiences, and public realm interventions that will reach and engage millions of people across England, the UK and the world.

The contract will have specific responsibility for the  development, management and delivery of the creative programming strands which support broad and pluralistic engagement and participatory programming targeted at 18-25 year olds, nightlife and digital creators. 

Responsibilities / Essential skills

  • Delivering plans and strategies as set by the Producers and Technical Director
  • Book all the equipment required to achieve the production infrastructure.
  • Delivering tasks set to ensure the elements of the budget are kept within limits. Maintain accurate records of any budget expenditure. Ensure all expenditure is signed off and approved by the delegated authority .
  • Work with the Producers to manage and deliver any regulatory requirements with local authorities and associate providers including road closures and use of public space.
  • Work with the Producers to deliver schedules for installation and delegate tasks to  crew and volunteers assigned to help in this department.
  • Weatherproof and make safe all power and electrical devices. Maintain the systems throughout the event.
  • Ensure that all cabling is installed efficiently for maximum usability, durability, and aesthetics: with care towards the look of the event and the high impact of weather, sun, container architecture, and public interaction.
  • Work with the Producers and Technical Director to ensure the festival meets all health and safety requirements and operates in a risk free environment.
  • Deliver the provision of power and the smooth running of all electrical equipment for all activity
  • Work with the Producers  to ensure the smooth pack-out of all events, and the return of hired equipment / materials, and return of sites to prior condition.
  • Work collaboratively with artists and contractors in order to realise their work onsite, within the time constraints.
  • Report to the Executive Producer on all duties when required.
  • Respond to correspondence, emails, phone calls or requests in person and liaise with clients, performers, suppliers, tradespeople, and other parties as required.
  • Maintain company records, file keeping and other reports when required.
  • Ensure cleaning duties of the workplace and project space(s).
  • Miscellaneous errands and general administrative duties as required from time to   time.
  • Any other tasks that the business or the people that you report to may require from time to time.
  • Attend meetings leading up to the festival tour to participate in preparation for the event as required.
  • Provide the Executive Producer, Festival Director and Producers on completion of the activity with a report covering all areas of responsibility.
  • Experience in delivering touring festivals with multiple strands of production
  • Line-manage a mid-sized team 
  • Delivering a complex strategies
  • Networks within UK festivals/venues
  • Flexibility to travel across England throughout duration of project
  • Experience in resourcing and costing
  • Bookkeeping and budget management skills
  • Experience of working on Project Management software and Google Drive
  • A calm, pragmatic and problem-solving approach to tasks
  • Excellent written and spoken English

Specifically, in terms of R&R for 3 days for Moon Sports initially, then continuing across other 3 strands 

  • Production Coordinator - supporting across the 4 stands of Cinema, Sports, Music and Bar from now until and including live events (4 x days x 3 cities)
  • For Moon Sports - take on production scoping with supplier/s, proposals to be agreed by directors and creative team, to commence physical production of Luna landscape set. See through production to set up and safe and successful running of events on 4 live days x3 cities.
  • Working with Moon Sports facilitators who will be there on live days, working with each and all the community clubs participating - to ensure games are safe, playable and enjoyable.
  • Full event planning and how games will run (with facilitator) 
  • Detailing and developing plans for run of show from 10am > 5pm (or 5.30pm), including time allowed to each team which could be 1 hour or 1.5 hour slots.
  • Liaison/communication with attending community clubs in advance 
  • H&S, accessibility compliance
  • Branding and signage


Deadline: 13.12.2021

Interviews: 15.12.2021

Intended start date: ASAP

This is a fixed-term position starting immediately until July 2022 with a trial period.

Salary: Competitive, Dependent on Experience

This job will be remote. The office is at The Village Underground, 54 Holywell Lane, London EC2A 3PQ. Our offices are in a train carriage on top of a nightclub.

Nelly Ben Hayoun Studios is committed to equal opportunities employment and has a zero tolerance policy against any forms of harassment. 

To apply please send a copy of your CV and Cover Letter to Victoria Adams at


About Tour de Moon

Tour de Moon is a cosmic adventure, a large-scale public festival of immersive experiences and live events developed in collaboration with our “universal satellite”: the Moon, seen as a character, a landscape and a prompt for radical imagination. The festival, composed of 8 programming strands, aims to reach millions of visitors across the UK and the world in 2022, through live and virtual experiences, supporting youth, nightlife creators, scientists and digital creators through cooperation. With Tour de Moon, we seek new beginnings, to empower others to create, to initiate, to innovate with new thinking and pluralistic practices so that history does not repeat itself on and beyond Earth.Tour de Moon is composed of more than 90 individuals as a part of its team, Youth Reporter Board and Advisory Board and further collaborative organisations, all working together to build a festival committed to plurality, decolonial practices, social and racial justice, solidarity and equity.

About Nelly Ben Hayoun Studios

Founded in 2009, Nelly Ben Hayoun Studios Ltd. designs experiences for you to become an astronaut in your living room while dark energy is being created in your kitchen sink and a volcano erupts on your couch. We are an interdisciplinary design studio which devises subversive events, experiences, and feature-length films. We work on multimedia, highly ambitious projects to empower countercultures and communities by building platforms for them to challenge power structures, while also allowing for change and critical thinking through multi-faceted immersive experiences. We are pioneers in the design of experiences, our mission is to reveal meanings and power structures through experiential practices and to foster critical thinking within institutions across the world. We have consulted and worked with leading scientists, creatives, writers, brands, politicians, policymakers, musicians, and engineers worldwide and we have a track record of having successfully challenged public engagement mechanics through theatrical, experiential, films and design practices. We rethink and question systems in education, design, distribution, communication, public speaking, politics, economics, history, and sociology towards further pluralistic models which we implement in our projects. We are a team of architects, graphic designers, textile designers, philosophers and more based in an artist collective in a train carriage on top of a nightclub. Plurality is one of our core tenets and as a result we support various forms of educative and alternative training, through the University of the Underground, a tuition-free charity we founded in 2017 with board members such as Pussy Riot, Noam Chomsky, and Massive Attack; it supports free, pluralistic, and transnational education. In 2020, Dezeen shortlisted Nelly Ben Hayoun Studios Ltd. one of the world’s best design studios and in 2021 The Dots selected Nelly Ben Hayoun Studios Ltd. as one of the “Top 50 companies to work for in 2021”.