Tour de Moon, the feature length documentary about the nationwide festival Tour de Moon, has been selected for the British Urban Film Festival 2023.

The 70 min film is a hyperenergetic and unapologetic ride inside the festival. Join Nelly Ben Hayoun – Stépanian and a multiverse of talents as they take their nationwide festival Tour de Moon- which advocates for plurality, youth countercultures and nightlife- around the UK while redistributing public funds. Discover an antidote to nationalism, division and ultimately Brexit.


Director: Nelly Ben Hayoun-Stépanian

Camera Operators: Marina Terranova

Flying Object Editors: David Potter, Gene Lambrick

Colourist: Colm O’Rourke

Sound: Colm O’Rourke, Matthew Olden, Cliff Rossiter

Executive Producers: Nelly Ben Hayoun at Nelly Ben Hayoun Studios and Tour de Moon Ltd, Christopher Hird at Dartmouth Films

Poster by Our Machine

Associate Producer: Marina Terranova

Commissioned by UNBOXED: Creativity in the UK

Music by Asmodessa