University of the Underground Hosts a MOON BAR symposium!

7th December 2020, The Moon
On Monday 7th Dec, the University of the Underground invited over 60 speakers to participate in a non-stop, 9 hr streaming symposium- otherwise known as THE MOON BAR. It was a live experiment to discuss all things multiverse, moon and everything in between extraterrestrial lands.

60+ brilliant ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE minds from around the world came to celebrate the moon and everything in between, a celebration of plurality as we know it. We met with someone who climbed the Mount Everest and advocates for silence, someone who talked to wolf at night, drag queens and cult leaders, NASA, ESA and SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) experts, we had explosives planned on the outer space treaty and as if that was not enough- we ALSO had a MOON CAKE, tarot reading and a special soundscape by dutch DJ Konduku.

Basically absolute chaos in extraterrestrial lands. Christmas before Christmas.
We hoped to frame and imagine new systems as we went along using the moon as the trigger and engage new thinkings in the 'moon' exhaustion.