Walking with Neil Armstrong

25th January/ V2, Rotterdam

In the Moon Dust Remix workshop, you will speculate on this sound of the first moon walk, which changed the way we understood our place in the universe. Between Science Fiction and reality we will aim to create what this historic moment sounded like using sound art (foley) as the medium.

Under the guidance of leading designer and "Willy Wonka of design and science" Nelly Ben Hayoun, you will be re-enacting part of a historical event: the 'small step' walked by Neil Armstrong on the moon surface on 21st July 1969.

To do this, the workshop group will use foley, which is the making, design and performance of everyday and background sounds, an artform crucial to filmmaking and radio. These reproduced sounds can be anything from the swishing of clothing and footsteps to squeaky doors and breaking glass. With the participation of foley artist Sue Harding you will learn how to manufacture sound with frozen lettuce, gelatin, corn starch, coconut shells, and other strange stuff!

Re-enactment is a powerful tool for the imagination, using performance to repeat or re-create historical situations and events. Through re-enactment we can democratize the experience of an historical event by letting us edit it, embody it, re-play it. Re-enactment is not about memories; it is about subjectivity and direction. It questions our understanding of facts and fiction as well as the authenticity of images.

With this workshop, take one 'small step' into one of the most exciting moments in history and learn all about the esoteric art of foley.

Cost: 5 Euro, free for students (student card required)

Advance booking is essential. Book in advance to ensure your place by emailing Michelle Kasprzak: mk@v2.nl

In collaboration with the International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR).