Working From_ x Wetransfer event featuring Nelly Ben Hayoun!

6th February 2020, London, UK

Based on the WeTransfer Ideas Report, WeTransfer hosts a panel to explore how ideas develop. How do you know if an idea is worth pursuing? Is money a key driver? What distracts you from your creative thoughts?

Holly Fraser, Editor in Chief will chat to Nelly Ben Hayoun (Founder of the University of the Underground) Nick Eagleton (Co-Founder, Saboteur) and Alice Bowsher (London-based illustrator) and get real about the maddening, mysterious and messy place where ideas grow.

About the WeTransfer Ideas Report

Ideas are a messy business. They’re maddening and unpredictable. There are dead ends, wrong turns and all manner of false starts. To get our heads around them, we created the WeTransfer Ideas Report, asking 20,000 creatives from around the world about how their ideas grow.We crunched the numbers and took note of the trends, comparing different countries, age groups, disciplines and work environments. So what does it mean to deal in the business of ideas? How many do you need before you strike gold? And does a great idea mean money in the bank or a better-looking planet? Enough questions. It’s time for some answers.

About Working From_Southwark

Working From_ is a new workspace by The Hoxton. Like working from home, without the distractions. We’re opening February 3rd and we’re kicking off with five full days of events – from workouts and masterclasses to breakfast chats with London’s most exciting brands. All free and open to everyone.

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