Working Hard and Playing Harder with Dr. Nelly Ben Hayoun at SCADStyle

10th April 2019, Savannah, USA

Nelly took Savannah College of Art and Design by storm at SCADStyle! Taking the audience through a light-speed presentation of her practice. Fellow SCAD presenters came from many walks of life, such as Mary Katrantzou, Steve Madden, and more!

SCADManor to a second to review Nelly's presentation and practice- "Every one of Hayoun’s creations revolved around two simple principles. Experience and a really great idea to be brought to life. “An abundance of experiences can be tied together by one simple question that you want to answer,” she explained. The more encounters an artist faces, the more room for experimentation. “I have five or six projects going at once,” Hayoun said. “When the time is right, I take action.” 

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