Nelly Ben Hayoun at the Sandberg Instituut

Amsterdam, Netherlands, 13th December 2016

Nelly Ben Hayoun will be presenting her practice to the staff and students at the Sandberg Institute, in Amsterdam Netherlands on Tuesday 13th December 2016 at 16:30. 

The Sandberg Instituut is the postgraduate department of the Gerrit Rietveld Academie Amsterdam. It offers Master's programmes in Fine Arts, Interior Architecture, Applied Art and Design. The departments are kept deliberately small with an average of 20 students per programme. This allows them to make the courses flexible and open to initiatives from students and third parties. The course directors are prominent artists, designers and curators with international practices. The Sandberg Instituut also invites guest tutors who are able to challenge the students to critically reflect on their profession, their work and their progress.

Jurgen Bey, the director since 2010, has sought to find ways to align the institute with the dynamic of contemporary society. He introduced short-term, 2-year programmes that are developed according to urgent world issues. Vacant NL—the first temporary Master's programme—was launched in 2011 and explored the vast potential of the thousands of vacant buildings in the Netherlands. In 2013, two additional temporary programmes were introduced: School of Missing Studies dealt with art and the public space, whereas Material Utopias investigated the shifting boundaries between materials and techniques. In June 2016 two more temporary programmes ended their two-year course Cure Master (2014–2016) on art and healthcare, Designing Democracy (2014–2016) on political spatial design, System D Academy (2014–2016) on informal and self-organising social systems.

At the moment the Sandberg Instituut are running four temporary programmes Fashion Matters (2015–2017) on alternative systems for the fashion industry, Materialisation in Art and Design (2015–2017) which is a continuation as well as a disruption of Material Utopias, Reinventing Daily Life (2016–2018) seeks to integrate elements of the performing arts into everyday life and Master of Voice (2016–2018) investigates the possibilities of the human voice in an artistic context. Both programmes started in September 2016.